Yes. The opt-out procedure can be offered in any language. Our opt-out page already uses different languages, based on the browser language. Also, on a list basis you may want to change the reply message (thank you message) or automatically redirect to an external url after opt-outs.
Yes you can! The platform can be used by any list owner by placing an unsubscribe link in the footer of each email. Opt-outs can be downloaded by the list owner in real time OR the suppressed item can be passed automatically to an external url after the opt-out. Skilled publishers may prefer to unsubscribe within their own pages, and update the suppression list through the web service (server to server notification). The system is really flexible.
We offer a 30-day trial. You will not be billed unless you confirm a plan by credit card. The trial is completely free, no questions asked, no credit card required.
Yes! The system allows you to manage any string including phone numbers. You may want for example to run your account to manage suppression lists for SMS. It's advisable not to mix emails and phone numbers in the same account.
Law compliance and protecting your brand reputation is really important and we take it very seriously. Suppressionlist.app is a scalable, reliable solution with a distributed cloud-based infrastructure, and 99.99% system uptime.
The answer is Yes and No. It depends on your partners (list owners). Most of the times mailers have technical limitations, so this can be a useful tool you may offer them so that they can obtain a white list or black list in a matter of minutes. Also, this can be an additional way for you to track if they matched their list against a Campaign Suppression List before an email shot. Advanced and Enterprise accounts include lists scrubbing.
You can learn how to use the platform within 25-30 minutes. Although some technical skills may be useful to understand and use our web services.
Yes! Enterprise accounts are designed to allow your company to run suppressionlist.app under a custom URL (i.e. https://suppressions.yourbrand.com or https://anyname.com). It's a white label solution which includes your own logo in the control panel. Once your enterprise account is confirmed, we will install a complimentary SSL certificate so that you can run the service with https://
By default data is sent from our web services in MD5. You can optionally share data in text format with a few specific list owners. It's not possible to access text without your authorization (more details will be available in the support docs).
Sure. If you run campaigns for your brand(s) and want to share suppression lists with your partners this your solution! Suppressionlist.app was designed for Networks, Agencies and Brands. We know that Brands don't want to contact existing customers, and also wish to collect opt-outs from campaign and share the information with partners (publishers) before they send the same message to the same user who just unsubscribed.