We provide a suppression list management software designed for advertising networks, media agencies and brands. We help you save massive amounts of time with powerful automation features. 

We allow you to securely manage opt-outs from multiple lists and campaigns, and share realtime information with your business partners.

Friendly interface and analytics

Every list and every campaign has a unique profile ID that allows you to monitor your compliance. You may want to view a campaign profile to determine how many opt-outs have been recorded during the campaign, or you can view a specific List ID alone or connected with the campaign.

Within the control panel you can review automatically generated alerts, if any, and manage the issue with the proper list owner. Also, list owners can login to view their own opt-outs, copy their own web service urls, and scrub lists.

Data Collection

We offer flexible ways to feed your suppression lists.
Mailers can work with the preferred method, or simply use the method you prefer.

  Custom unsubscribe page on a list basis;
  Unsubscribe link (single opt-out);
  Server to Server notification of suppressed item;
  Automatic Data Pull (ftp/sftp/http);
  List upload through the admin panel.

Data Sharing

A complete set of fast and reliable web services will allow your business partners (mailers and advertisers) to stay informed in real time and update their databases. With a dedicated “access key” List owners or Advertisers will be able to obtain their suppression list in a matter of seconds. Web Services available are for:

  Mailer Suppression Lists;
  Campaign Suppression Lists;
  Global Suppression List (network DNE list).

Compliance & brand protection

Falling out of compliance can be very expensive and extremely damaging to your brand. You can easily monitor those who have access to your suppression lists or which partner have not downloaded suppression data to identify potential compliance risks. Our technology will look for signs of potential non-compliant behavior, will automatically generate an alert and send a message to a predesignated email.