Promotional emails to your existing customers?

It is not unlikely that some of your clients are subscribed to a mailing list of third parties that you would like to use for an advertising campaign.

Aside from the fact that paying to contact your own clients might not be cost-effective, in some cases it could even be counterproductive to contact current clients for promotions that are meant for “prospects”,  because you already have the means to contact them directly, but also because some of these promotions may be “exclusively for new clients.”

In marketing, being able to precisely identify the recipient of a message is what makes advertising campaigns more or less effective. Knowing how to exclude existing clients when you send a message meant for potential clients may be very important. For example, if the offer is off-target, it may create extra work for your customer services, not to mention the embarrassment of having to explain that the promotion was reserved for other clients.

It may be quite useful to exclude some clients from email campaigns that you are going to undertake. But how can you do this? Through a Do-Not-Email List that you share with the Mailers who will send your email advertisement.

How can I share a list of the email addresses of my clients without putting my company at risk? Using dedicated services, it is possible to share the client list in an encrypted format (MD5). This way, only when the client is already present on the mailer’s list will his email become legible. All of the other email addresses will remain unreadable.

If you are working with a very large Mailer and you are afraid that it might have many clients already on its own list, the answer is to embed other emails that should not be contacted – addresses that have asked to unsubscribe during previous email campaigns done with other mailers – into the encrypted list of clients. This way, you make the data even more incomprehensible (even in the event that there are many matches, it would be impossible to know which of these are clients and which are email addresses that have unsubscribed).