Affiliate Email Compliance is not a joke!

Emails are important in online marketing, but if you work with affiliate programs or third party mailers, affiliate email compliance is not a joke! An affiliate who breaches GDPR or CAN-SPAM Act rules with regard to your brand can cause you serious headaches, and cost you in terms of image reputation and money.

We assume that our affiliates (all) comply with the law and that we can trust them, but we must also take into account  that a supplier who makes a mistake while managing opt-out requests – whether this is voluntary or not – can cause complaints for which your company may be considered responsible, and you may find yourself paying five-figure (or more) fines.

Centralising opt-out requests can at least help you prevent a major incident. Make sure you are notified in good time that something is wrong and contact your affiliate asking them to do something before having to deal with penalties that can be avoided.

In summary, you can be considered as 100% responsible for all email compliance during your campaigns, even if the error was committed by a third party. It is important to make sure that email addresses used in your campaigns were  acquired according to the law, but it also important to use tools for monitoring opt-out requests and check your 3rd parties compliance.