What is an email suppression list? Learn more!

An email “suppression list” is a list of emails that for any reason you do not want to send to.

Typically in email marketing a suppression list, also know as Do-Not-Email (DNE) List, is made of email addresses which unsubscribed form a mailing list (they specifically asked not to receive your emails), but the reason to add an email to a suppression lists can be for example that an email address belongs to an existing customer you don’t want to include in email campaigns.

Understanding why an email address needs to be added to your list will help you understand how to properly manage your automations.
Another good reason could be that an email address simply bounces (undeliverable), and, for example, you don’t want email providers to see your brand is connected to invalid email addresses.

Usually email addresses are automatically added to a suppression list when they click the “unsubscribe” link, or manually when you know they have likely marked your email as spam (your received complaints).

Sending emails to people who don’t want to receive your messages / not managing properly their opt-out request will not boost your sales, it will only damage your business reputation.

Creating and managing Email Suppression Lists with our solution is easy and secure. It will help you update and then share unlimited lists – in real time – with all your business partners. Suppressionlist.app priority is to protect your brand reputation and data.